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Creating Our Bedroom Sanctuary

Creating Our Bedroom Sanctuary


This post is in collaboration with Leesa.

I’m so excited to share this blog post with you guys! My bedroom is my sanctuary, and it took a lot of trial and error to make it this way! However, I’m so pleased with how it has turned out. I guess you could say, we (I say we because it’s weird saying “I” when in fact, I couldn’t have done it without the help from my handy husband) are super “budget driven”. We love to do a lot of projects ourselves when improving a space! Because who wants to spent thousands, when you could spend way less, right? And so our bedroom was no different. From the leather strap shelf, to the macrame plant hangers, DIY is our thing! My goal with this room was to make it feel minimal, yet cozy. This is where the trial and error came into play. While I am not the tidiest person out there,(seriously, you should see my room right now) I do attract more to a space that is clean and minimal. But what about cozy? Coziness is a must for it to be a sanctuary right?! So I added things like our dark grey chunky knit blanket and throw pillows. Oh and I can’t forget about our diffuser, that’s essential to make our space feel like a whole separate world.


I’ve teamed up with Leesa for this blog post, a brand that I love and stand behind. Not only did they help my chronic back pain,(and my insomnia and my husbands shoulder and knee problems.. the list goes on and on.) but they are a company who believes we all need a place to rest our heads. Since the very beginning, they’ve been donating 1 mattress for every 10 sold to those in need. And I think that is incredible. We all need a sanctuary.

I’ve always preferred a more firm mattress, but my husband was a bit skeptical at first. However, after the first night he realized when he woke up, that he didn't have shoulder pain like he always does, or wake up in the night, like he always does. GAME CHANGER. Also, I’ve always struggled with back pain and insomnia, and you guys…. we’ve had this mattress for two months now, and I haven’t had insomnia once! My back pain has gotten so much better and if my back does go out, the only thing that soothes it, is laying on this mattress. Seriously. And not to mention the fact that we upgraded from a queen to a king. Zach is 6’4 so its safe to say he took up 3/4 of the queen before. So now I finally have some space! Don’t get me wrong-we love to cuddle, but when it’s sleep time, it’s sleep time and mama needs her space.


I dressed up our Leesa mattress with crisp white, super soft sheets and linen duvet cover. Some pretty, mud cloth throw pillows and of course, our chunky knit blanket. Can’t go wrong with that combination! Our mattress sits straight on our DIY pallet bed frame, with no box spring, which is amazing! I was so happy that our pallets were big enough to support our upgrade. Centred above is a shelf we made out of leather straps and a piece of pine, a super easy way to make a statement, without it being too busy. At night I love to reach up and read from my Joanna Gaines design book! Can’t be a sanctuary without an inspiring book to read right?

Something that was crucial to add to our little sanctuary, was plants. Greenery adds so much warmth to our space, and it helps it feel more homey.


We also installed these beautiful sconces to add contrast and of course, light. I’m so obsessed with how it looks above my floating nightstand. I love to incorporate candles into our room as well, there’s something about a warm flame and a calming scent that helps me feel relaxed.


Now flipping to the other side of our room, we have our closet reading nook. It can’t get more cozy than this! I love to sit in here with my hot tea, while editing photos, or scrolling through instagram. I have yet to find a good book to read in here since we’ve built it, but it’s a must! (besides my design book by Joanna that I mentioned earlier) We added floating shelves, a knit blanket, and throw pillows to make it feel more warm. Without this beauty, our space would be way less cute, that’s for sure.


In our last little area of our room, we have our iconic ikea dresser that stores all of my clothes, since my closet was turned into a reading nook.(no regrets) I like to decorate it with, again, minimal decor. But warm, to keep to the theme. A cute highland cow print, wheat displayed beautifully in a concrete vase, and of course more cute little baskets. I have an addiction to baskets and i’m totally okay with it. I also have an incense jar that’s been empty for… months. but it still smells amazing, so I don’t think i’ll ever throw it away.

When I moved in with Zach and brought my ikea dresser with me, I know I had to have a round mirror above. And I of course needed another mirror for the other corner, because why not right? These mirrors bring So much light to this room it’s unreal. They make it feel larger as well, which is a bonus. And, of course, I can’t forget to mention our beautiful runner. This thing brings in the most warmth out of anything. Can you sense a theme? Clearly I like warmth. lol. This vintage beauty finished off our dream of a sanctuary, and I couldn’t be happier. Wether it is, a vanilla candle, or a cozy blanket, or even an amazing book. You can make your own sanctuary where ever you want.You don’t necessarily need things to make your space a sanctuary, you need inspiration.

So to finish off I wanted to ask you, What makes your space a sanctuary?